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Jul. 24th, 2025

ace - whitebeard

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six years anko/hiashi/oc
minions team 7

[one piece]
[smoker & ace love~]
a work in progress - pts 1-4 smoker/ace, AU
a work in progress - pts 5-8 
a work in progress - pts 9-11 
a work in progress - pts 12-16
a work in progress - pts 17-20

a story that never starts smoker/ace, 1sentence challenge

what if tomorrow never comes? smoker/ace, drama, romance

vices smoker/ace, humour, romance

absence smoker/ace, drama, romance

unwanted attention smoker/ace, humour, romance

he waited for his answer smoker/ace, drama, romance

[zoro & luffy love~]
yohoho and a bottle of rum zoro/luffy, 1 sentence challenge

[zoro & robin love~]
no telling just now what we have in store zoro/robin, 1sentence challenge

[zoro & sanji love~]
just beneath the surface zoro/sanji, 1sentence challenge

selfish portgas d. rouge

an unlikely alliance hina, smoker, friendship

the dog house smoker/ace, whole lot of crews

something impressive robin, luffy, first impressions

to the sea a pirate and a civilian, romance

chasing those shattered dreams post-series, straw hat crew

the rescue of toni toni chopper / the trials of vice admiral smoker straw hats, slight smoker/hina

[zoro & nami love~]

vulnerable zoro/nami, romance, friendship

[luffy & nami love~]
lick luffy/nami, romance, fluff

Oct. 21st, 2012

little luffy - pleased

one piece: lick

Imagine your OTP having ice cream on a bench. Person A gets a little bit on their cheek and Person B leans in to lick it off.

Luffy never ate gracefully. 

It was probably something that would never change. 

And Nami had quietly come to terms with that fact. And as she watched him eat today under the shade of an old oak tree, she was content. Luffy was Luffy and he’d always show enthusiasm towards food no matter what they were doing or where they were.

They had stopped at this old bench, ice cream cones purchased from a vendor in a desperate attempt to fight the heat. Nami had paid. They hadn’t said much since then, not for the lack of things to say on Nami’s part. Oh no, she had tons to say and more to share. But the sight of Luffy enjoying his treat so happily. She didn’t want to ruin that. So she was happy just watching… 

“Nami?” He looked at her then, face sticky and and wet from his ice cream cone - vanilla. She smiled back at him, breaking away from her thoughts. For a guy who was exciting and adventurous as he was, he chose the simplest of ice cream flavours. As for herself? Orange sorbet. There really was no other preference.

“What is it?” She asked, curious. He looked so focused… She reached up to touch her face self-consciously. “W-What is it?”

He leaned in then, and licked. Just a smidgen of ice cream on the corner of her mouth. She shivered at the contact. It was only the sight of his unrepentant, beaming face that stopped her from lecturing him. “Nami’s got something on her face. Shishishishishi.” 

No doubt, he probably made an even bigger mess. She could already feel a slight dampness on her jawline. But she wasn’t mad. Instead, she tilts her head to the side, and asks coyly, “Is it all gone?”

Sep. 7th, 2012

little luffy - pleased


notes; a little bit of ZoNa

x-posted to: greentangarine

[Nami understands Zoro...]

He’s calling for blood.

Howling and begging for it.

And for once, Zoro considers obliging Sandai Kitetsu.

But the sight of her, broken and bleeding but still reaching out for him, stops him in his tracks. “Z-Zoro…” 

It was pure reflex that had him by her side, holding her hand gently, “It’ll be alright…” 

- - -

He doesn’t like being around when the others were with her. 

And the others were always with her. 

Nami didn’t like it very much. 

Usopp likes to hang around a bit with Franky and Brooke, but the three of them tire her out and Chopper always send them away. She sees Luffy a lot, Sanji even more, and as always when one of them was hurt, Chopper sticks by her as if afraid she’d slip away with the wind. Robin was the most understanding - the one kept her silence and gave her privacy. 

The one she wanted to see was Zoro. 

She wanted to be alone with him. 

What she wanted was to rest.

Zoro sneaks in at midnight and Nami could finally close her eyes. 

- - -

When she is finally cleared by Chopper and is allowed out of bed, Zoro stays conspicuously close. 

So much so that even Luffy had begun to notice - and call him out on it, embarrassingly enough. 

Nami doesn’t even acknowledge it or tease him about it. 

Zoro was a man of small gestures, she understands. So she doesn’t get irritated with his constant quiet watching presence like she does when Sanji overstays his welcome.

She knows seeing her like that had hurt him, scared him more than he’d like to admit and she understands - which is the most important thing.

He wants to be there for her even if it was just for the slightest, tiniest thing.

Sunny sways roughly and she loses her balance.

She could catch herself, but she needs this. He needs this too.

He’d been waiting for this. 

So when he reaches for her, she reaches back.

Aug. 15th, 2012

little luffy - pleased

one piece: moving past the end of the world

notes; inspired to write a little zoro/tashigi. same universe as my previous post-series work: chasing those shattered dreams. drabble format because I'm just trying to ease my way into this pairing. deal with it bro. 

1. Prelude 

[Zoro's world grows in intangibles]
Luffy's ending came at Raftel. His came sometime before it and after it. To this day, he wasn't very sure when exactly it had happened. It bothers him a little, that he doesn't know something so crucial as his own end, but he doesn't ponder on that thought for too long. Zoro was a simple sort of man which was just what he wanted. He didn't need to worry about intangible, useless things.

Even before his days before his eccentric mad monkey of a captain, his life had been simple. Back in the dojo, his days raced by in the familiar routines of: wake up, fight Kuina, lose to Kuina, scowl at Kuina, argue with Kuina, train to beat Kuina, meditate with Kuina, eat, spar again with Kuina, lose again to Kuina, and sleep - rinse, dry, repeat. That had suited him fine. And then Kuina died.

So he moved away from the village, taking her sword and their promise with him. But those days were set by a routine as well. Wander around, ask about Mihawk, train, beat up wanted criminals for a meal, and that was it. Be it by his own two feet or a ship, Zoro went where he wanted to (or where his feet led him, he still wasn't too sure about that either). But everything he did, it came right back to his sole purpose: his promise: Kuina.

Monkey D. Luffy's unexpected (but not unwelcome) appearance into his life changed all that. Soon, there was another facet for him to latch onto and focus on. As the first of his crew, Zoro had been tasked with the duty of captain-watching out of sheer lack of other candidates. It had been trying ordeal after ordeal: feed Luffy, catch Luffy, resuscitate Luffy, stop Luffy, protect Luffy, Luffy, Luffy, Luffy. 

But Luffy wasn't satisfied with just the two of them. More faces, more voices, more people to look after soon arrived. Nami, the orange greedy harpy and Usopp, that cowardly warrior artist adventurer dreamer that does prove everyone wrong; Sanji, that shitty cook with his damn stupid rules and stupid weakness to women everywhere and Chopper, the least monstrous out of all of them yet the most misunderstood; and Robin, sad, dangerous, vulnerable Nico Robin, coupled with larger than life Franky and their Yohoho-ing musician, Brooke. There had been more after them, but Zoro didn't really like to complicate his life any more than it already had been complicated. So he had stopped counting after that.

There were times when he hadn't thought of Kuina in days. He was guilty and still is for this. It had happened slowly. He wakes up one day and he doesn't think of Kuina. Instead, he hears that shitty ero-cook calling for breakfast and the sounds of Nami shouting at the other boys on deck - Luffy, Chopper, Usopp - and Franky's already pounding away in his workshop to the rhythm of Brooke's boisterous laughter from the galley. Zoro doesn't hear the cyborg work so much as feel the faint vibrations beneath him. The only ones he doesn't hear is Nico Robin, but by that time, Zoro knows perfectly well where she is on the ship.

Yes, Zoro was a simple man who claimed that hadn't cared for intangible things. Yet he cared for a promise, and he cared for a title and then he cared for nakama.     

Yes, it was surprising, but he was rather sentimental.

So when it all came to an end without him even realizing it had ended - something just broke.

He sees this brokenness reflected in his former captain's eyes sometimes, when it's just them and Robin. They had been fragments of something great but that was all over now.

2. Little Cracks 

[The pressure built up and then...]
The end began with Franky and ended with him. Mihawk had only been a beginning, he sees this now. 

Franky's departure, Robin's empty silences, Chopper's flagging health - those had been the signs, but they had been high off adventure, the sea and the promises yet to be fulfilled to truly care or worry. 

Nami, that damn woman, had asked him once, her eyes unfocused on the fading light across the horizon, "Zoro, where to next?" She had meant something more than just what island followed, for she could easily answer that. But he hadn't understood. The thing with Zoro was that he didn't handle intangible well. 

He didn't get the nuance of it, so he answered, young, confident and content with the world, "Wherever Luffy's heading, I suppose." 

So when Nami leaves a few islands after Raftel, slipping into the night, Zoro doesn't stop her. He could have, probably should have, but didn't. He may not know much about the intangibles but he did know he had no right to stop her. It had taken Luffy a few weeks to understand, but he did eventually. 

They doubled back, with a new navigator - Kozo? Joko? Whatever - and Brooke finally returned to Laboon. Luffy hadn't even bothered asking Brooke to leave. Zoro and Robin had been expecting some sort of fight - but Luffy, Luffy merely smiled, pulled his hat over his eyes and bid skeleton nakama and whale adieu. 

They say they're still the same but when Chopper dies, two weeks after he returns home... The funeral had been nice. Heartfelt and warm. Chopper would have liked it. They picked up another doctor, a student of Doctorine's - she wasn't Chopper, but Ivana was capable. 

After a few more years on the Grand Line, Usopp says enough was enough and it was time for him to return. Sure, it was hard saying good bye, but they had gotten used to it. 

With only himself, Robin and that damn ero-cook left, the Straw Hats were forced to recruit. And that led to even more complications. Which ultimately led to Sanji being stolen away (as he'd always suspected, fucking ero-cook and his woman thing) by Bonney, of all people. The fight (for there had been a fight) had been disastrous. Pirate King or not, trashing islands was not something Marines approved of which led to their subsequent flight - without Sanji. 

He leaves when he was invited to leave. Actually, he hadn't been given much choice in the matter.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of him." Robin smiles, broken but still steadfast. 

3. Reintroductions 

[Some Marines don't believe in Shichibukai]
Fate truly did hate him. The first person he meets before his first meeting at Mariejois was Rear-Admiral Tashigi. 

Old habits die hard, after all, and what with years spent chasing him and his old crew, Zoro doesn't hold it against her. 

Even if the witch had tried to slice him clean through the middle. 

Hmm... She had gotten quite good, actually, which makes forgiving her even easier. 

4. Lose - Lose 

[The Meeting couldn't have gotten any better...or worse for that matter.]
"So why is she here?" Zoro asks in a low whisper as the meeting continues around them. Meetings at Mariejois were supposedly reserved for those of Vice-Admiral class or above. 

"Vice-Admiral Smoker didn't want to come." Law replied smoothly, "So he let his lackey come instead." Clearly, Law had been to enough of these meetings to realize that nothing worth knowing came from them. So Zoro, who had never been part of the planning process back with the Straw Hats, decided to follow his lead and not pay attention.

A lackey wasn't the term he'd have used to describe the Rear-Admiral, but he wasn't going to even bother defending her against his former ally - of sorts, "So... why is she glaring at me?"

Even after explaining why he was in Mariejois, how he had been invited to join the Shichibukai after defeating Mihawk, how he was not technically a pirate any longer and sorry, no, he wasn't going to give her his meitou, Tashigi had tried to decapitate him. This first time was forgivable but the second was just pushing it. But he was on her turf and had Law not come along...
"She doesn't like pirates." Law smiled, lacing his fingers together at the back of his head. The damned man looked like he was in on one particularly sick joke - and Zoro suspected he was the butt of it. 

"But - " He wasn't a pirate anymore... 

"She doesn't like Shichibukai either." 

"...I see."  He sounded more off-put than he had meant to. 

Law smirked. 

5. At A Loss

The Challengers Collapse )

Aug. 14th, 2012

ace - happy

one piece: he waited for his answer

notes; I'm trying to break away from this pairing a bit since my other ships are NOT getting the attention they so rightly deserve... but... but... ACE. SMOKER. OTP. I just can't. 

posted to: smokerxace
this is his reckoning...Collapse )

feels kinda choppy... concrit please! I need to know where I can patch things up! 

Aug. 13th, 2012

little luffy - pleased

one piece: to the sea

notes; trying to fight past writer's block, so bear with me... 

posted to: one_piece_hetonepiece_fics
trying to persuade him to stay would never workCollapse )


Aug. 9th, 2012

little luffy - pleased

one piece: something impressive

notes; so I was rewatching a few episodes, and can I just say, Robin's debut into the series was amazing? So much tension and mystery and -melts- 

robin was impressedCollapse )

Aug. 8th, 2012

little luffy - pleased

organization: it's not my thing

I'm trying to tidy up this journal but... I don't remember which communities I've x-posted my fics too. Now I'm too scared to post anymore in case I double post. Time to go dig things up in the archives. OTL 

Aug. 7th, 2012

little luffy - pleased

hate. rage. wtf. livejournal.


Ha~ahahha~ if this ever happens again, I'll rip your heart out. You've been duly warned.


little luffy - pleased

one piece: push it to the limit

set; epsilon
notes; marco & ace + whitebeard pirates 

burn the earth and boil the sea...Collapse )

you can't take the sky from meCollapse )

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